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Attractive digital painting tool with a wide array of features and brushes
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Rebelle is a state-of-the-art painting tool that allows you to fill your digital canvas with the most realistic digital watercolors and acrylic, pastel, pencil, ink pen, marker, or airbrush paintings. The high quality of the results, the accuracy of its many brushes, its multi-layer support, and the numerous effects and features provided will surely help you unleash all your creativity.

You can start off from an empty canvas or use any image as the basis of your work. You can define your own canvas in terms of size (measured in pixels, centimeters, or inches), resolution (DPI), and the type and texture of the paper you will be using. When working on an image, the program’s multi-layer support and the many layer-based features provided will let you work with as many brushes and techniques as you wish on that single image file without actually modifying it. You can use a different layer for each type of paint and see which fits your project better, or mix various techniques in a snap just by blending multiple layers. For more accurate renditions of existing images using your favorite painting technique, you can use the program’s tracing option. This will help you recreate your favorite photo as a stunning watercolor, pastel, or acrylic painting, to name but a few. Its automatic color tracing feature will select the right color for each stroke from the reference image, allowing you to concentrate more on your technique and less on the palette.

To start working on a new painting, all you have to do is select a color from the palette and a brush. Brushes can be customized to your favorite size, pressure, softness, or amount of water, depending on the tool selected. You can control the level of wetness of your paintings at all times, as Rebelle comes with some useful features to help you wet or dry your brush strokes and full layers at will. Different levels of wetness or dryness will produce different color blending, blowing, and smearing effects, and Rebelle allows you to test them all with a high level of accuracy and without compromising the final result.

Layers can be copied, deleted, duplicated, merged, or cleared with just one click of your mouse. You can blend layers to produce stunning effects and choose among more than 20 blending modes – multiply, darken, color burn, lighten, overlay, soft light, vivid light, difference, exclusion, subtract, saturation, hue, and so on. The opacity of each layer can also be customized separately, and you can lock any layer to prevent unwanted changes. Rebelle can save your works of art as high-quality JPG, TIFF, BMP, or PNG files.

Digital painting has never been more flexible and rewarding. In the end, it is your talent that will make the difference, but it is always easier when you count with a high-quality tool to exercise it. Rebelle offers you all the features, brushes, and layers that you will ever need to create realistic wet paintings.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Excellent choice of brushes and paint types
  • Attractive and intuitive interface
  • Allows for accurate brush strokes
  • Works with multiple layers
  • Highly configurable tools and features
  • High-quality paint-like results


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